VISION 2025: Deaf and Mute Children Share Their Dreams, Ask for Acceptance in Mainstream


Jaipur: Deaf and Mute children may face many problems in their lives but their dreams and aspirations show their determination to tackle any challenge coming their way. At the #Vision 2025 meeting these children came up with their problems and solutions too. They wanted govt. to open higher education and technical colleges for them and also job oriented training facilities. Interpreters in public places like railway stations and bus stands who can understand sign language. Also more sign boards in these areas. They also wanted sports field, free SMS service and phone with video call facilities which would help them to communicate. And one vision which we all are seeing is to end corruption and terrorism.

If there are problems then solutions are there too, all you need is to take initiative
In another meeting, Members and office bearers of political party showed lot of comradeship and positivity for the development of Jaipur. They felt if there is a problem then there is solution too, all one needs to do is take initiative. These were the solutions for the problems:
Traffic Congestion
Fixed time entry of loading vehicles in the city
Better public transport, battery operated buses in walled city and some other areas
Improve parking facilities
Remove illegal construction and encroachments from roads
Proper vendor policy
Clean City
Door to door garbage collection facility
Garbage dump to be shifted outside city boundary
Dairies to be shifted outside city zone so no stray cows on the streets
Strict rules to curb commercial construction in the walled city to save the heritage
Change old sewer lines
Municipal Councilors for Health services
Law and Order
Increasing private boarding lodging facility and hostels are posing a threat and crime rate is increasing. Instead build Govt. Hostels
Political Representatives
Educated and with a clean image
Monthly meeting with the public
End corruption
End Caste politics and focus on moral values


deaf and mute vision meeting

vision meeting

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