Vajood: Relief to Pak Migrants, Indian citizenship in 7 years


Barmer : Now Hindu migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afganistan won’t have to wait for 12 years to get Indian citizenship. Recently an amendment bill was presented in the Parliament and the cabinet approved it. Hopefully, the bill will be passed and implemented very soon. Migrant families are counting on it, as the new sanctioned bill would end their long wait, they would be granted citizenship in 7 years instead of 12 years.

At present, approx 21,000 migrants (Hindu refugees) are living in Rajasthan, most of them are Hindu Migrants from Pakistan. 13000 Pak-Hindu migrants are residing in Jodhpur. Rajasthan patrika launched ‘ Vajood’ campaign to highlight the sufferings and plight of these families and is constantly covering news stories concerning their hardship and issues.


Patrika- vajood campaign

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