#VAJOOD: No end to the sufferings of Pak-Hindu Refugees


New Delhi: Majnu Ka Teela, located near Delhi Assembly is a temporary shelter for many refugee families from Pakistan and Tibet. Around 117 Pak Hindu families live here who work as laborer and street vendors to earn their bread. These families don’t have Indian citizenship due to that they can’t avail benefits of any govt schemes or facilities. They live in the shadow of fear as their homes are temporary and can be knock down by authorities at any time. Sona Das, a Pak Hindu refugee shared his experience with us, he Came to India in  2011 from Sindh Hyderabad Region of Pakistan. Many families from Sindh Hyderabad now live in Majnu Ka Teela, Adarsh Nagar and Sanjay Colony of Delhi. As told by Sona Das, Hindus are mistreated in Pakistan. They are abused and forced to pay extortions, their wifes and daughters are not safe in Pakistan. Pak Hindus face life threats and discrimination based on religion.
At present, every Pak Hindu refugee is facing identity crisis. They are struggling to get Indian citizenship for the well being of their families. Their children are deprived of free education ( under RTI). Their temporary homes are without electricity and other basic resources. However, in 2014 district administration ordered to provide generator facility for 6 hours ( from 7 pm to 1 pm) but it is not enough. Delhi Water Board has started 2 time water supply in their area which is also a relief  and they are hopeful that Indian govt will take steps to resolve their issues. These refugee families wrote letters to PMO, Home Ministry and Delhi Chief Minister in July, 2013 to grant them citizenship but they are still waiting for the reply.


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