Unequipped Railway Station and Bus Stand unfit for PWDs: Ahsaas Sting


Jaipur: Bus and train is the common way of commuting and a lot has been done to make them fit for Physically Disable Persons (PWD). But despite government’s efforts of making these equip with the best infrastructure, Bus Stand and Railway stations of Jaipur are not at all friendly with disabled persons. As part of ongoing Ahsaas campaign, MAG team reached to Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, Jaipur Junction and Gandhi Nagar Railway Station. Sting operation done with the help of PWD Volunteers exposed a list flaws at these three places.vi 2

Special Coaches only for namesake:

DespiVIte the inclusion of coaches meant for PWDs in trains and special seating arrangements in buses as per directions of government the pain of suffering has not decreased. Disable persons don’t find it helpful most of the times. Sting reveals that inside the special coaches most of the passengers who commute are other than disabled people. A similar thing was observed in city buses also where disabled persons are often seen standing and normal passengers sit in their place. Even the toilets and Drinking water facility is not upto the mark.

Mobility becomes a big issue:

With just one wheelchair available at Sindhi VI 3Camp Bus Stand and three at Jaipur Railway Station, mobility for disable persons becomes a cumbersome task. Also, the height of counters is a barrier for PWD’s when it comes to communicating or enquire. Sting reveals that despite having separate queue facility at the ticket counter, most of them fail to grab an early turn as normal passengers are seen standing in the row. Nonavailability of Braille language at all three places is again worrying as a reason Visually Impaired find it difficult to communicate easily. Staircases also lack handrail and most of the stairs are broken at edges.

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