Turn of Fortune for a Primary School by a Sports Teacher: NEENV Impact


Alwar: ‘Work begins the moment we think of doing’, is proved right by Sohanlal, a physical teacher in a Govt Primary School situated in Kot Kasim Panchayat of Alwar. This school merely looked like an educational institution with less staff and the post of Principal lying vacant from last 3 years. But having a strong belief within, Sohanlal with the help of nearby villagers stood for the change and slowly achieved it.

This lone teacher not only motivated the villagers but also inspired them to donate furniture and other stuffs for this school by making him realize that this will indirectly make their future strong. The fortune of this school and 129 students studying in it has changed now. Earlier there was no electricity and water facility in the school but now arrangements have been made for the same.

Teachers of this school believe that NEENV Campaign of Rajasthan Patrika has played an immense role in generating the support from the nearby villagers. People not only referred to the published NEENV stories but also came forward with help.


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