This Govt School sets an example by offering World Class Facilities for students: NEENV Impact


Neenv:  Ucchh Madhamik School, a Govt school up-to class 12th situated in Vajvana Village of Banswara sets an example by offering World class Facilities to the students studying there. Few years ago this school was no different than other government schools which are mostly in a bad shape. But in span of over 3 years this school under goes an innovative makeover with the help of visionary School Principal, supportive local villagers, Social Groups etc.


With every class having a Smart writing board, Filter water, clean toilets, Bio-metric attendance, CCTV  Cameras, well equip library , well maintained playground and other facilities this school has now become the first choice even for those studying in Private schools. With focusing on Digital India and Swachh Bharat this school is a role model to thousands of other Govt schools of Rajasthan.


Mahendra Samdhiya, Principal of this school considers NEENV campaign of Rajasthan Patrika one of the key motivators for achieving such a change. This campaign aims to highlight the problems faced by Govt schools and also makes an attempt to facilitate the Good Change.


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Neenv- Banswara- 2-3-16

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