Tea Thadi run by Priya becomes a hangout point for village girls: LAADO


Udaipur: Relishing a tea on a roadside thadi is not anymore more boys fun! Breaking all the existing taboos in the society Priya Sachdev, a tea enthusiast, opens a Tea Thadi named ‘Three Addiction’. This Thadi has become talk of the village Aayad. Priya, a commerce graduate, always wanted to start a thadi for girls as she would realise that most of the girls feel uncomfortable to sip tea at a thadi, as its usually dominated by men.

But now Priya’s thadi is new hang out zone for the rural girls they not only enjoy tea, but breakfast and a good wifi connection. In the maiden days of this Thadi villagers raised objection and made efforts to shut it down but the girls stood against them and made it a successful ‘meeting jaunt’.

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