Sikar hospital comes up with a separate ‘Cradle’ for abandoned newly born girl child: LAADO


Sikar: In a bid to save the girl child especially those abandoned by the families SK Hospital has come up with a special room named as ‘Cradle’ in which mothers can drop their newly born babies if they are not willing to keep them. The initiative will help in reducing girl mortality rate and will safeguard newly born girl child.

According to the Deputy Controller of SK Hospital Dr. Hari Singh ‘There will be separate corridor from where woman can walk through and place a child in the cradle. AS soon s the baby will be dropped on the cushion there will be an alarm that will reach FVNC ward and from there a nurse will come and take the custody of the baby’. In this whole process the identity of a woman will be kept discrete.

Earlier also this hospital has made several attempt to empower the women and mothers from time to time. Starting from January 2016 now women who give birth to a girl child in this hospital will be facilitated. The idea is to make them feel special. Last month 11 mothers were facilitated and a shawl and I kg ghee was given by hospital authorities.


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