‘Shelter Homes” without Sensors and Windows prove Useless


Dholpur: The Wall of a few months old shelter house situated in the Dholpur Maternity Hospital makes you stop with a bold punchline ‘FENKO MAT HAMAY DO’ hinting towards the shelter house whose windows are now shut. This ‘Palna Garh’, Shelter house was made to save lives of abandoned children is no is merely working for its namesake.

Another irony is that if a baby is less than 3 kg the alarm will not work at all. Hence the presence of dropping a child cannot be defined. Not only this but the place has also turned into the hangout zone for drunkards as the empty bottles of liquor suggests so.

Dr Hari Om Garg , superintendent of zennana hospital said that shelter house is shut as the alarm was not working. He also assured that after the alarm is fixed it will start running once again.

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