‘Sab Chalta Hai’ attitude got termination


CleanlinessI always wondered that how can we make our city a clean, systematic and better place. Is this possible or we will be doing the same ‘Sab chalta hai’ thing in the future too. I got these answers during my recent visit to Ahmedabad. I actually saw clean roads there! I first thought this is some kind of hallucination, but to all my surprise the roads were actually litter free. In an attempt to know the reason behind it I tried observing things and saw that Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) have installed dustbins at markets, public places and rendezvous. So if you are eating packed chips or a samosa on the streets of Ahmedabad you don’t need to throw that empty packet on road. An understanding between the people and the Govt. body has resulted in great results.

Indian-peopleAnother thing which I observed here was the strict discipline maintained by Police on the Railway platforms. Unlike many other stations, here people don’t rush to the general boggy to grab a seat in the haphazard manner making Railway station an inferno. Police officers make passengers stand in a queue which is a great ease to specially abled, women and elderly people specifically and all passengers in general. I believe these small positive steps would surely make earth a better place to live.

-Aishwary Goyal

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