Rajasthan is way behind in Cornea collection from other states : AHSAAS


Jaipur: There is no shortage of cornea donors in Rajasthan despite we fail to meet the target in the absence of facilities. The number of donation is less than the target. In 2015, the collection was only 67.14% and this year too cornea collection is very low, just 11.05% was recorded till May, whereas, the target is to collect 2100 cornea. In the sate of Rajasthan, only 778 Keratoplasty ( Cornea transplant surgery )were done in 2015-16 which is very less as per the need.

In 8 years only 17 Cornea Collection Centers : Rajasthan is on 11th position in cornea collection. There are only 17 cornea collection centers in the state which are in the central district hospitals of Alwar, banswara, Dausa, Bundi, Sirohi, Pali, Sikar, Churu, Hanumangarh, Tonk, Nagaur, Dungarpur, Kishangarh, Chittorgarh, Baran and Jhunjhnu.

Who can not become a Donor: 

Deceased person who was on ventilator for 7 days before death. A person suffering from Hepatitis, septicemia or a person who is HIV-positive can not donate. But their cornea can be used for research.

Checking of Cornea :  With the removal of cornea, 2 ml blood is also taken from the throat area to check and ensure that the donor is not suffering from any internal disease.

According to the ‘National Blindness Control Programme’ , the sate of Tamilnadu is leading in cornea donation. The target was 7000 but Tamilnadu went over the target and collected 11,051 cornea. 2nd is Gujarat, as the state also left the target behind and achieved 8436 cornea instead of 6500. Here is the list with other states and their positions :

Rank                State                Target           Total Cornea collection

1                  Tamilnadu            7000             11,051

2                  Gujarat                 6500             8463

3                  Maharashtra         7000              7301

4                   Telangana            3400              6176

5                    Delhi                   3500              3575

6                   karnataka             3500              3572

7                   W. Bengal             3000               3940

8                   Hariyana               1500               2504

9                  Madhya Pradesh     1000               2208

10                Kerala                     1700               1919

11                Rajasthan                2100               1410

( Year 2015-16)

“More centers will be opened in Rajasthan. People need to be more aware about the cornea donation. Everyone should come forward and pledge to donate cornea.” Dr. Iqbal Bharti, State Programme Officer, National blindness Control Programme, Jaipur.

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