Rajasthan Govt launches ‘Laado Rani Yojana’ to empower girls: LAADO


Nagore: In an attempt to give more power to women and make identity of girls acceptable in our society Nagore becomes first to launch Laado Rani Scheme. Joint initiative of district collector and State health department this scheme aims to empower girls and mothers.

According to Rajan Vishal, District Collector of Nagore, this scheme will be taken in all parts of the state. Under this scheme every mother who delivers a girl baby will be sent a congratulatory message on be half of Chief Minister. Also Health Department will offer a baby kit to each mother which will include, two dresses, towel diaper, napkins , bed sheet etc. Health department will also distribute a booklet to each mother which will include 89 social welfare policies relevant for a Girl Child.

Earlier in Nagore district administration started a scheme called Nagore Re yojana in which sonography centres were asked to help those girl students in their education who do not belong to well to do families.


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