Raj Govt forms District Consultancy Board to strengthen the quality education: NEENV


Jaipur: In an effort to increase the quality level of education in Govt Schools and to spread the awareness of free education in Rajasthan for the first time District Consultancy Board will be formed. This board will work in all the districts and an official notification has also been circulated in this regard.

This board will comprise 28 members and will be headed by respective District Collector in every district. The board will include MP, MLA, District had, District education officers, national award winners, four parents and four teachers, social workers, national awardees. Its also been decided that in every three months the meeting of board will be held.

According to the Education Minister of Rajasthan, Vasudev Devnani , “This is the first of such kinds of Board formed for the strengthening of education and safety in the Govt Schools. This effort will prove fruitful in the coming years.”


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