PWD students get hostel accommodation: Ahsaas Impact


Anu (8 yrs) and Arti (10 yrs) were struggling to get hostelaccommodation in the school they reach each day after much struggle. Both the girls are DEAF AND MUTE and their parents want them to fight all odds by way of GOOD EDUCATION.

Anu’s father is a cancer patient while Arti’s father decided to run a roadside shop near her school to keep close to her. Anu travels approx 60 km each day from Dausa with her father to reach her school Anandi Lal Poddar Govt School in Jaipur for Deaf and Mute children.

There are ONLY TWO SUCH SCHOOLS in the state for this category of students which is the reason why most of the children in need have to travel from far away to pursue their studies in special schools.
Soon after the plightof these deaf and mute girls was published as part of Ahsaas Campaign citizens sprung up to help.
Students get new Hostel:
Father of these Girls Jagdish Sain and Vishwaram met Director, Disability Commission only to get cold response. Director suggested an option other than this school which was quite far and not feasible. On the contrary Anubhav Mukh Shakti Abhibhavak Sanstha, an NGO running a hostel for this category of deprived children offered toaccommodatethem. The h ostel with 50 students already, hasallotted rooms to both these students with a promise to bear all expenses.

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