Raju Bagdi, A slum dweller from Kota city has seen the cruel side of life. He has Polio and both his legs are not in good shape. He is unemployed and lives in Bajrangpura area with his family. His 10-year-old son Raval and teenage daughter Pooja also have Polio. Pooja has another crucial problem in her hip bone. Raju Bagdi’s wife Dhanni Bai is the only member who earns. She does the household works in the nearby area which is the only source of their livelihood. Raji Bagdi and both his children are getting treatment in Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur. On many occasions, he couldn’t go to Udaipur for treatment due to lack of money. Despite having a BPL card he never got any aid from Govt. Raju had to sell a part of the land where he lives for the treatment of his children. He wants to work and earn but due to his poor physical condition he is not getting any job. While going to Udaipur from Kota, his youngest daughter Laxmi fell ill and because of that he had to stay in Jaipur for a day. The family is struggling to survive. They came to Patrika’s office and told MAG Team about their plight. The poor family got the initial help, but their struggle continues….. We would like to share their story with our readers. If any of you want to help this family, you can contact them at Raju Bagdi, Sakatpura, Bajrangpura, Kacchi Basti, Kota, Rajasthan.

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