Patient with fractured leg denied help: Ahsaas


Jaipur: Nand Kishore, a painter from Phagi who got injured few weeks ago is now spotted sitting outside Gate No 2 of Sawai Man Singh Hospital in wait of some help. According to him after felling down from the ladder in Rajapark his leg got badly injured and he was hospitalized in SMS for a week. Doctors advised him to undergo an operation the only way of complete treatment. But for him the operation cost of Rs 20,000 is unaffordable. So after a week when he was discharged from SMS, he did not go to his home but preferred to stay back at the main gate despite a fractured leg.

Help Needed:

Nand Kishore believes that hospital doctors have not been enough kind and discharged him without a proper treatment. His motive to sit at the main gate of SMS Hospital is to seek help from the authorities. But at present a guard on duty is trying his best to relieve him by offering a Blanket and one time meal (free of cost).

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