Parents of Autistic Children knock the doors of therapy centre: AHSAAS


Jaipur: Looking at the sensitive nature of an Autistic child two types are therapies are believed to be helpful in the early years. In Jaipur itself many of those who are Autistic do knock the doors of the therapy centres but still thee are many who are yet aware about it.


According to Dr. Shailendra who runs Autism care centre in Jaipur not many parents are aware about the treatment procedure which is why not many explore therapies. He said, “There are two therapies occupational and behavioral therapy which helps to bring down an autistic child to the normal level. Occupational therapy works on the sensory integration.”


In last four years near abut 60 Autistic children have undergone therapy in Jaipur. Many of those who undergo this process under two years of age those Autistic children are able to study in a normal school.



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