Now Plants to be grown in schools on birth of a Girl Child: LAADO


Laado: Taking a cue from the practice carried in Jayapur, a  village nearby Varanasi Adhivasi Bahul Gogunda, adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now Village in Udaipur is also following it. In this village when a girl child is born the hospital authorities tell parents to sow a seed or grow a plant.
The same practice has now been adopted in a village in Udaipur since January 26. Now if a girl is born in this village the entire Panchayat celebrates her arrival by planting a tree in the school campus. Parents are also felicitated.


Kapil Dev Paliwal, Sarpanch of the village believes that such step will create awareness among the families who still think girls are burden. During the felicitation parents are also briefed about the Girl rights etc.

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