Now Juvenile Justice Act allows adoption of a child irrespective of their religion


Jaipur: Now adoption rules in India have become flexible as Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act makes an inclusion in its section 56 (2), which now allows the adoption of child upto 18 year old by interested families regardless of the religion. Earlier JJ Act would not allow adoption outside ones religion and also kept it confined to orphans or children with the relatives.
Earlier according to the Hindu Adoption And Maintenance Act, 1956, it was ensured if both the families of a child should be Hindu before the adoption takes place. Under this Act those belonging to Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are allowed o adopt however Muslim, Christian and Parsi families are not eligible to adopt under this act.
Binod kumar Sahu, Deputy Director at CARA said, “If a Child is born in India and adopted by a foreigner of NRI in this case adoption will be authorized only if registered under JJ Act.” He also added that earlier under JJ Act only Orphan and neglected kids but now all sorts of adoption despite of any category, religion etc can take place.”

Guidelines of adoption under JJ Act:

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