Now booking of wheelchairs for PWDs at Railway Stations is just a phone call away: AHSAAS


Jaipur: Railway stations of Jaipur will soon have facility for wheelchair bookings in an attempt to make stations easily accessible for Person with Disabilities. Now PWDs can book a wheelchair one hour prior of boarding a train. By the time they will enter a coolie will be waiting with a wheelchair. The issue of non availability of wheel chairs at Railway Station was brought into notice by Accessibility Audit carried by Patrika’s Media Action Group.

In repeated attempts  Rajasthan Patrika highlighted the empathy of PWDs and the difficulties they overcome at Railway stations. Later in the Railway Budget 2016  certain amount was allocated for the comfort of disabled people. These wheelchairs are special with thick rubber wheel so that it moved smoothly over the track.

Helpline No for booking wheelchair: 8003733337

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