No Ramp, No Wheelchairs! Govt Offices not Disabled Friendly

Disabled Student Facing problem in Poddar College
Jaipur. Govt plans to make 100 Govt offices disabled friendly with a special focus on ramps and toilets, but the officials are still insensitive towards the problems faced by persons with disability (PWD). As part of Ahsaas campaign, the MAG team reached to key government offices frequently visited by common citizens. Sting operation exposed that ramps are for name sake and without a handrail, which make them more risky for disabled people. Sting operation is done with Volunteers team of PWD between October – November also indicated that officials care less about accessibility issue and the basic facilities for this group.

Sting at 21 Locations; 2 Key Offices Not Friendly

The Employment Exchange Office has no interpreter and had no interest in listening to the disabled reaching for help. They have a temporary wooden ramp which is riskier, while at Jaipur Municipal Corporation(JMC) office has ramps without handrails. The verbal abuse is common but female guard comes to help and assist the disabled person. The inquiry counter is so high that disabled persons can’t be heard. The attitude of help desk also hurts.

Volunteer’s Team of PWD

  • Akshay Bhatnagar
  • Deepesh Arora
  • Prateek Agarwal
  • Bhanwarlal
  • Anil Sansi
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