Lack of Camel Sheds in Barmer bothers Police


camel in rajasthanBarmer: It has been more than nine months since Camel was announced to be the STATE ANIMAL of Rajasthan. It was after a campaign launched by Patrika MAG two years back exposing smuggling and slaughtering nexus and routes, lackadaisical process and faulty policies.

Declining number of Camels is indeed worrisome. Undecided quantum of punishment still remains an issue and the Gazette notification is yet to be issued for the same. In Barmer alone 4 cases related to Camel smuggling have been registered in which nearly 50 camels were rescued whose safety and rehabilitation is still unsettled as they are still in custody and care of police station.

A constable has been deployed for their security. Some out of these 50 have been shifted to nearby Gowshala (COW SHED). But, the owner of the sheds are raising an objection against the new entrants.

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Camel Scarcity
Camel Scarcity

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