Newly constructed Toilet for PWDs at Railway Station turns non functional: AHSAAS


Jaipur: Pink City’d Durgapura station was one of the first to have a separate accessible toilets for Person with Disabilities but now the same toilets have themselves become disabled. Northern Western Railway spent an amount of Rs 75,000 for the safety and smooth accessibility of disabled people by constructing a separate toilet at platform no 1.


In an accessibility audit it was found that the construction of the toilet is not at at par with the guidelines. Washrooms are in a deteriorated conditions with broken taps, non functional tube-lights and worn out handrail. Even the door and the floor is bothersome. Also the washroom lacks any sot of a sign board which would help to indicate its usage for disabled and has no sound system or any braille info written.


The location of the toilet is back of beyond as one has to cover 100 mts of distance over a wheel chair before using it. According to the local caretaker, this toilet is in deplorable condition as it is used by all the normal commuters as thy find it convenient to use instead of climbing the stirs and use the washroom on first floor.  According to Vishal Gupta, Senior Div Engineer, “The toilet has been made keeping in mind the usage by disabled people. Everyday near about 7000 passengers visit this station”


-Santosh K Pandey 


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