NEENV: lack of teachers impede learning


‘Neenv’ campaign was initiated by Patrika-MAG in 2015 with the agenda to solidify the foundation of education by strengthening govt schools. Focusing on 6 key issues, our team worked to uncover the ground reality and  made a positive impact.

We have just started,  there is a long way to go and our team is all set to continue the journey, bringing significant issues into open, sensitizing citizens to play an active role. Recently our team visited govt schools of Abu Road and Pali, the ground report revealed that still a large number of schools lack teachers. To improve the education system and strengthen govt schools, under staffing pattern, teachers were transferred from one school to another. But the drill failed, rather improving the situation, the problems got worse, many schools are now facing poor student teacher ratio and studies of thousands of students is in jeopardy.

More than 50 govt schools of Abu Road bloc are dealing with teacher crisis. In these schools, all the classes are conducted in the same room. A single teacher is taking all the classes, completing the paperwork and taking care of mid day meal as well.

Education department is working to develop model schools to compete with pvt schools. On the contrary, more than 400 Govt senior secondary schools of Pali, Jalore and Sirohi are without English Lecturers. In fact English Lecturer’s post is not approved in many schools. In such schools, 2nd grade teachers are teaching English subject to students of 11th and 12th standards. Our team questioned Bharat Kumar Mehta, Deputy director, Pali Education Board. He said that recently Review and Reserve DPC was done for lecturers. On its basis, lecturers will be appointed in the district.


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