Neenv Impact: New session begins in govt schools on a happy note


This time the beginning of a new session in govt schools started on a much positive note. Better facilities and education are anticipated by many. Young students and teachers are more hopeful and enthusiastic about the new session and the rising state of govt schools in terms of infrastructure and level of education. Many thanked to Patrika-MAG for “Neenv Campaign” which worked as a catalyst for this rapid change.

Neenv campaign began with the agenda to strengthen govt schools and helped in enhancing the no. of enrollment. “Neenv Rath” ( Awareness campaign) build a momentum, volunteers motivated and informed public about the role and importance of govt schools.

Recently, inspired by Neenv campaign, teachers from Banswara who are associated with District Teachers Council knocked on every door in the neighboring villages. A team of 5600 teachers visited the villages and informed people about the benefits of govt school education.

In Sikar district, public representatives connected the children belonging to nomadic tribes of blacksmiths to the mainstream of education. When the local public representative Manoj Joshi registered 15 children of nomadic tribe, the school staff cooperated and helped in every possible way. Another example is Hamirpura village, as the villagers contributed and donated a bus to the local govt school as means of transportation for students.

These acts of changes are good indicator but there are many schools which still suffer for the basic facilities. Vital issues like School building, water and sanitation, toilets, lack of teachers need immediate attention and action as the future of millions of young students depend on these schools.

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