MNIT Campus inaccessible for Disable Students: Ahsaas Audit


2 mnit disability Jaipur: Despite being ranked among the five top ranking IT Colleges of India, Jaipur’s Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) miserably fails to stand in the list of Friendly Campuses towards PWDs. This college has one of the best faculty and campus but at the same time it is unfriendly towards PWDs.

Buses and Classrooms lack ramp facility:

Accessibility Audit conducted under the Ahsaas campaign reveals that Institute lacks the availability of Special washrooms meant for PWDs outside the classrooms. Also many departments in the campus still fail to have the ramps hence making it difficult for Disable Students to commute. Entry gate of the college park is also not easily accessible as the round shaped barrier has been put. College bus also does not have any provision for ramp neither does the campus has any script written in braille.

Students Demand Accessibility:

Devesh, an engineering student who is also physically challenged finds it a herculean job to climb the stairs everyday to attend classes. He demanded an electric scooter for his easy commuting inside the campus but college authorities turn down his demand. At present MNIT has 20 students who are facing different kinds of disabilities but campus is insensitive towards their basic requirements.

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