MAG RAW: Sting Operation- Growing Drug Addiction in youth


Jaipur: Peer pressure, exam pressure, career pressure or be it the pressure to fit in the society, on basis of these various excuses youth of today are increasingly resorting to drugs to overcome them. Patrika-MAG reporters risked their lives to pinpoint the suppliers and the users in their efforts to bring to light this vice gripping the city youth. Neither the drug addict nor the drug peddlers have any fear of the law. They are being sold openly on streets in the way side food stalls, close to schools or colleges, in the malls and even close to police stations.

Our team found that drugs were sold at an omelet stall in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, right in front of school and a bare 600 mts from a police station, another peddler was a roadside tea stall and then a panwallah, the list can be endless. All this is being done in broad day light right in front of the police. All you need is enough money to pay for the drugs and the peddlers will hand it over to you very easily. Getting caught also doesnt deter them, they just pay Rs. 50 to 100 and they are let off. Its not just the boys, one in every five girls is addicted too. For these girls not having money to buy the joint has never been a problem. Some boy in the group would always be eager to get them high. One can find group youngsters hanging out in parks or cafes smoking cigarettes filed with opium or other drugs.

Reason for increasing drug use in Youth

The reason for increasing drug use is lack of parental control and also easy availability and the low price. Students are living, all alone, away from their parents in the big cities to study and make a career in engineering, medicine or other fields. There is no one to turn to when life is hard on them. In loneliness they resort to drugs and end up in their own smoke filled stupefied world. What starts as a thrill, a need to blend into a group or to overcome various pressures, these youth resort to this easy way out. But what they thought was an easy solution has actually turned into a lifelong habit which they find hard to kick even if they want to. Some of the students admitted they wanted to kick this habit and had also gone to drug rehabilitation center but were unable to let go of it. Some said their parents knew about this but couldnt really control them now.
Police and Anti Narcotics departments do make an effort to control the drug mafia every now and then but their efforts are almost negligible in face of this growing problem. In past three years they have raided 11 times and confiscated sizeable contraband but they are unable to get their grip on the mafia lord. Till then the city youth will keep getting caught in the clutches of drug habits.

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