MAG RAW: Sting Operation- Rajasthan is Transit point for Drug Cartels


Jaipur: The tentacles of drug mafias are reaching far beyond the borders of state of Rajasthan. Drugs like heroine and smack are sold all the way to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and many other countries. Also, Rajasthan is being used as the transit point for drugs coming in from other foreign countries. Couriers or drug peddlers caught by Narcotics Control Bureau, Customs and other govt. agencies are just a small fish but the leaders of drug cartel are never caught. These couriers caught from Chennai, Jammu and Mumbai have revealed that lot of drugs is reaching Rajasthan from Myanmar, Nepal and other supplier and from here it is sent to Sri, Lanka, Nigeria, South Africa, Syria, Spain, United States of America and even Australia. In spite of many efforts from various government agencies this chain of supply continues uninterrupted. It will continue and grow fearlessly unless the leaders of drug cartels are caught.

Tourist Destinations are Booming Drug Centers

Rolling sand dunes and big and strong castles and serene temples of Rajasthan are big tourist attraction for people around the world. But now these tourist spots are attracting visitors of different kind. They are infamously becoming hot spots of drugs which are attracting not only Indian but many foreign visitors too. The Police and other drug controlling department are aware of the drug nexus but they just turn a blind eye to it all. When things spill out, they just catch some small fly in name of performing their duty well.
Districts like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Ajmer are now major centers of drugs. City of Pushkar, which was once famous as gateway to heaven is now notoriously famous for rave parties where drugs are openly used. City of Lakes has a story of its own. Many educated youth of this city are now in the grips of drugs and they end up doing petty crimes to support this expensive habit. With parents giving up on their anchor of old age quite a some end up on streets. Many of drugs are processed in neighboring districts and sent to Udaipur from where it is supplied far beyond.

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