LAADO: Women Helpline is No Help, 74% girls feel unsafe at night


Jaipur: Patrika-MAG team conducted a survey on women safety and helpline services. 250 Girls from Rajasthan University, Kanoria college, Maharani college, St. Javier college, Vanasthali University and Anandilal Poddar schools participated in the survey which was conducted during  ‘Night Laado chaupaal’ at Amar Jawan Jyoti, Jaipur.

The findings show:

 First call in Distress : In distress 27% girls call their parents, 24% call their friends, 21% prefer calling their siblings whereas, 20% contact Police. Only 8% girls make a phone call to their teacher in distress.

Police reliable but never reach on time : 60% girls trust the Police but 40% girls don’t wait for the Police to show up, instead they ask for help from a passerby.

Security apps are not useful : 80% girls says that security apps are of no use but 20% find them useful.

Safe or Unsafe : 35% girls feel unsafe with strangers and relatives especially in trains and buses. At public places, 32% girls don’t feel safe at night.

Roaming at night : 74% girls says that roaming at night is not safe. 26%girls feel otherwise.

Freedom is priority : 58% girls want no restrictions and want to make their own decisions.

Friends or Family : 54% girls are close to their friends and share everything with them, 20% girls are close to their siblings and 20% to their parents.

Helpline : 82% girls don’t use or trust helpline due to no response from helpline numbers . Only 18% got response from helpline numbers.

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