LAADO: Should Govt make Sex Determination legal or not ?


Jaipur : A Day after Union women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi proposed lifting the two-decade-old ban on sex determination of the fetus and making the process mandatory, now the news is creating a buzz amidst different social groups. However the ministry will be in consultation with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare before changing the policy and making it it compulsory to tell a pregnant woman if it is a boy or a girl and get her registered.

While Maneka Gandhi proposed this suggestion keeping in mind the difficulty in arresting people who are into the illegal trade of Sex Determination, most of the Jaipur Psychologists, Medical Fraternity, House Makers, Professionals and others are finding the proposed idea vague which according to them will end up in declining the girl sex ratio instead of rise in the figure.

It is to be noted that Sex determination tests were banned in India in 1994 in an attempt to check foeticide or the killing of female fetuses in parts of the country where the birth of a boy is considered a boon. India is among the countries with the worst child sex ratios in the world. The 2011 Census showed that there are 914 girls to 1,000 boys in India.

Lifting the Ban on Sonography tests will Decline the number of Girl Child:

‘The purpose of framing PNCDT Act is to have a control and a regular check on the Sex Determination and illegal abortions that are carried illegally in India. Government has been strict enough and many instances show that technicians / radiologists are also removed if caught doing this practice illegally. Rajasthan has 1470 Sonography machines which are regularly been tracked. If this proposal is being accepted there will be rise in abortions, miscarriages and mental ,” believes Dr. Ajit Singh Senior Physician and former Superintendent of SMS Hospital , Jaipur.

It will deepen the divide between boy and a girl:

“The proposal of making Sex Determination legal in India will decrease the number of girl child in coming years. The lifting of ban on sex detection will have an adverse effect on the pregnant ladies. Most of them will become a victim of social pressure and will end of terminating their pregnancy if its a girl fetus’, says Dr Anil Jain, Head of Centre for Rhablitation, Durlabhji Hospital

Women will have to undergo Social Pressure:

‘Instead of making Sex Determination legal, government should impose penalty and punishments for those who undergo abortion. If this practice is made legal it will reduce these ratio and will prove an easy way out to those who willingly want to abort girl fetus. Women in the house especially in conservative and rural areas will have to face a lot of social pressure arising within the families,” Says Veena Mathur, Social Worker/ Teacher.
This will make mother more attached with the growing baby:

“It will be a beautiful thing for parents to get to know if expected baby is a boy or a girl. They can prepare things for him or her before he/she enters the world. This decision will also help a woman to be strong and her family more responsible. I think Sex Detection should be made mandatory. But at the same time if a woman is forced to go for an abortion, an action should be sought”, Says Lakshmi Ashok Chatturvedi, Social Worker/ Home Maker.


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