Laado Chaupaal; Women demand to improve Five core issues


Jaipur:  Laado is an on-going campaign of Patrika MAG. The campaign agenda is to identify the key issues, problems and solutions responsible for the happiness of females and to achieve this MAG team initiated Laado Chaupaal. Since it’s beginning, 6 chaupaals in different parts of Pink city have been organised. The Chaupaal has simple yet unique concept as it helps to bridge the gap between the officials and people, providing them a channel to communicate and express their problems and concerns.

The Chaupaal helped to identify some common issues which constraint the development and betterment of women. In our recent Chaupaal held in Hasanpura area, women complained about many issues :

1 – Women are not aware of schemes
Lack of information and awareness about government schemes is a big hurdle. Govt has started several schemes such as Bhamashah Yojana, Palanhaar Yojana, Rajshri Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana, Kishori Shakti Yojana etc but women lack information and are unaware about the benefits these schemes can provide. Women complained that officials don’t give right information and there is no one to listen to their problems.

2. Weak Education System
There are many Govt schools in the city but they are in a bad state. These schools lack teachers, water, toilets etc. Ward no. 22 & 27 of Hasanpura don’t have govt schools because of this, a large number of children are deprived of education.

3 – No Help from Local Councilor
Women residents of Hasanpura told our team that they do not get ration on time. They complained to the Local Councilor but he doesn’t take action.

4 – Pension not received on time
State govt has a pension plan for elderly and widowed women. But women of Hasanpura don’t receive pension on time.

5 – Health system in a sorry state
no. 48 of Ramnagariya and Ward no. 22 of Hasanpura have no government dispensary. There are dispensaries in other wards of city but most of them are in bad shape, Doctors are usually absent. People are bound to buy medicines from outside due to non availability of medicines at govt dispensaries. Children are not vaccinated on time and are in constant danger of measles, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis and Hepetaitis B etc.

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