Keep trying until your dream becomes a reality: Nirbheek Laado


Jhunjhnu: “You should work hard to fulfill your dream. Despite failure, keep trying until your dream becomes a reality” , says Mohna Singh, who is one among the first 3 women fighter pilots of India. Last year in June, Mohna Singh along with two other girls Awani Chaturvedi and Bhavna Kanth, made history by joining Indian Air Force as Fighter Pilots. In an interview with Patrika team, Mohna shared her experiences, her Grandfather and parents who are from Air force inspired her to join the force. The Air force training is very tough, whenever the thought of leaving struck, she persuaded herself to continue with her training. She said to herself that when other fellow soldiers can go through such training then why can’t she?

Her parents told our team that she worked hard without losing hope. Despite failing twice, she attempted again and got selected. Girls like Mohna are an inspiration and a message to society that a girl can do anything and if there is a will, there is a way.

patrika nirbheek laado


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