Inspired by ‘Neenv Campaign’, Doctors take extra class in govt schools


Barmer: Motivated by Neenv campaign of Patrika MAG, Fifty Villagers Group is taking extra classes in govt schools. Many govt schools face shortage of teachers for subjects like Maths, Science and English, Doctors associated with this group are taking classes of these subjects. Engineers and educated youth are also joining the cause. The members of this group only teach in govt schools, their agenda is to increase the number of enrollment in govt schools. After the completion of syllabus, students have to pass a test. The group also motivate students to take pledge to not cheat on exams. Association head of many schools have started calling them to take classes in their schools. The group has given services in 30 govt schools till now. The group coordinator Dr Bharat Saran said that ‘Neenv Campaign’ motivated them to initiate this. They will teach in schools where, there is a lack of teachers.

neenv barmer


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