In Harsh Winter Students forced to learn under the tree: Neenv


Banswara: Despite of trying to includeworlds best policies in the field of education in India but looking at the present situation of Govt Schools it looks it will take another century to achieve our aspiration. In the rural part of the country every second Government school is deprived of essential component such as Teachers, infrastructure, water, toilets etc.

Students learn under the Tree:

In Rajathan most of the Government schools are not ready to bear the cold waves. As winter has already set in and most of the schools in the regions, such as Banswara, Ganganagar, Churu declared as coldest are unable to function properly.

A govt school in Ganoda District of Banswara is an example of such schools. With unavailability of classrooms and infrastructure students are forced to take classes under a tree. As a result many students have stopped attending the schools. According to the Principal the sanction for the building was approved in August this year but the construction could not take place due to some problem faced during land allocations.

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Banswara school unfit for winters
Banswara school unfit for winters

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