Illegal Sex detection still prevailing in Jaipur: LAADO


Jaipur: Despite making sex determination a criminal offense the evidence suggests that in Jaipur and other places of Rajasthan Chinese Sonography machines are still used. However the concerned Health Department says that they are aware about the working of such machines.
Sources reveal that this illegal detection of sex is either carried inside a car or house located in a village or remote areas. Police has recently recovered two machines from Jaipur and one from Jhunjhunu. In Achrol it was found inside a car whereas in Jhunjhunu police found it from a house, situated in middle of a village.
What is more interesting is that Police is yet to find the agents and those people involved in importing of these machines from China. The business of this Chinese Sonography survives only on mouth publicity done by the agents who charge rupees 10k-20k per client (those who undergo this detection). If the tests show a female fetus then most of the clients also opt for an illegal abortion.

According to the Naveen Jain, Director National Health Mission, This sex detection racket will be only busted if one gets to know about the agents. Also when anyone gets to know he or she should complain to PC- PNDT Cell or a nearby police station.

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