Identity Crisis : Plight of Pak Hindu Refugees


Jaipur: Identity crisis is a major issue for Pak Hindu refugees. Most of them come to India on Religious Visa which is extended for short term on the basis of their conduct. Lack of paper work and identity proof creates turmoil in their daily lives. Here is a glimpse of some common problems faced by them:

  1. It is essential for Pak Hindu refugees to follow a code of conduct as Police and Intelligence agencies keep a constant track of their activities. Their Visa get extension only after a positive report filed by the Police dept.
  1. They can’t travel across the country. They need to take permission from the Foreigners Registration Officer before leaving the city.

  2. Lack of identification proof creates hurdles in getting other necessary documentation. They can’t get a driving license or open a Bank account.

  3. Despite scoring good percentage in exams, the kids of these migrated families don’t get  admission in top colleges. They can only get admission on Foreign Student Quota which is quiet expensive and their families can’t afford the cost of education.

  4. Many of them are well educated and qualified professionals such as Doctors and Engineers but they don’t get good jobs due to their refugee status.

Their troubles don’t end here, in fact every refugee family has their own story of suffering and loss. They face issues related to livelihood and security as well. It is important for the govt to change the approach, redefine the laws and norms to improve the plight of refugee families.

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