Hospital staff and premises insensitive towards PWDs: Ahsaas Sting


SMS hospital Jaipur: Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital of Jaipur is considered one of the biggest hospitals of Rajasthan with 260 Doctors and 1600 beds. Despite being one of the best hospitals of Rajasthan it lacks sensitive approach and special treatment for Persons with Disability. As a part of ongoing campaign Ahsaas, MAG team reached to SMS and Jaipuria hospital to have a reality check of the facilities provided to PWDs. Prateek and Bhawar PWD volunteers who were also a part of this sting disguised as patients.

SMS hospital Hospital Floor Slippery:

Sting operation revealed inhuman approach of doctors and attendants towards patients. Bhawar who is a physically disabled was made wait for 30 minutes till they arranged a wheelchair for him. Prateek, a Visually Impaired found the floor of this hospital slippery. Ramps are present everywhere but they lack proper alleviation. Drinking water taps were also not accessible or in level with the wheelchair.

SMSAssistance Counter is too high:

There are a few wheelchairs present in the Emergency and OPD hence patient with PWD has to wait for move without any assistance. Also the height of medicine counter and assistance was too high. For Bhawar was literally crawling found it very difficult to communicate the height between him and the assistance window was too long.

Inside the hospital premises roaming of PWDs by their own is very difficult or next to impossible. Sting shows that no special treatment or assistance is given to such kinds of cases.

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