Hope Doctors bring joy on the faces of Cancer patients and Children!


Jaipur: Hope Doctors Fif Fernandese and Hamish Boyd, experts in clown therapy exercised their skills at Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital and entertained cancer patients and children by therapeutic laughter and humour. In this program organised by Patrika Media Action Group clown therapeutics visited Avedhana Ashram and Pediatrics ward of SDMH.


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In the cancer ward of Avedhana Ashram 20 inmates of all age groups felt joyous after both the clown therapeutics showed them a few magical tricks and also played music for them. Patients felt stress free and laughed their hearts out all the time till the clowns were hanging around in the ward.


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Later on their visit to the hospital’s Pediatrics ward children had a fun time with these clown doctors. Hope Doctors also sang some melodies which made patients sleep at peace.  Rainbow magical tricks, Chime Music, Harmonica and some music was used by the clowns. According to the Fif and Hamish, the director and founder of Komali MeDi Clown Academy, the moments spent with patients are unforgettable and priceless, “The real use of our clown tricks is to reduce pain and stress which we successfully lifted from the faces of patients.”


KK Singh, Medical Director at SDMH said, “Such programs should be organised in hospitals regularly. Patients enjoyed thoroughly and somehow this will prove a great help in their healing process” .

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