Guided Meditation is the only way to reduce stress: Manvaa


Jaipur: In a bid to reduce stress related problems in youngsters Rajasthan Patrika’s Media Action Group organised a lecture series on Mental Health ‘Manvaa’ an upcoming campaign that intends to highlight Mental issues and will also talks about its remedies. The maiden lecture series based on ‘Heartfulness’ process of relaxation with meditation was held at Kanodiya College in Jaipur ahead of the World Health Day celebrated on April 6.

On be half of Heartfulness organisation two of their senior meditation instructors Tarun Toshniwal, Zonal Coordinator and Narphat Singh Rathore, Jaipur Centre Coordinator. Both the instructors made the participants practice two types of meditation, which included ‘Relaxation with Guided meditation’. Students, teachers and other participants. Instructors also shared a few tricks that are useful for students during exam time.


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According to the Tarun Toshniwal, a senior meditation instructor, relaxation could be only sought if one has a control over heart and mind. He said, “Meditation has become more important nowadays looking at the stressful lives and schedules we have. Regulation of mind and relaxation of brain are the two more important things that can purify our heart and thought process.

One of the participants, Aditi Sharma, a student of B com 2nd year at Kanodia college said, “It was for the first time I tried meditating. While doing this I could imagine myself relaxing in the middle of the park and feeling relaxed. It helped.”Another Participant Mamta of first year , “It was a new experience all together. In future also I would love to continue meditating exercises.”

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