Govt School runs in One room house of SMC Coordinator: Neenv


govt primary school Udaipur: Another eye opening incidence that narrates the pathetic condition of Govt Schools in India is of a one room school running in Damru Ka Gauda, 30kms away from Udaipur. This Primary School runs in a one room house of Rama Meena who is also the coordinator of School Management Committee. The irony is that this room already has 7 family member living in it and the lawns accommodate cattle, cows, goats etc.

This one room cum school is in very bad statewith noproper walls, no ceilings etc. After the continuous efforts made by Rama Meena and School teachers, authorities sanctioned the construction of new campus but nothing has been done so far. As of now this school has two teachers over 36 students.

Students of this village want to attend a proper school but their complaint is that authorities are paying no attention to their demands. In fact the mid day meals are not served properly in this school due to lack of cooking place. Such issues have been regularly highlighted in Rajasthan Patrika’s Neenv Campaign.

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