Govt school in Jaisalmer faces Scarcity of Water: Neenv


Jaisalmer: Despite of dreaming to makeGovernment schools as the model for teaching in India, the irony remains that most of them do not havebasic amenities. A Govt Primary School situated in Jaisalmer Gram Panchayat Jhalariya ke Lala Ki Dhani is one such example which lacks basic necessities such as facility drinking water.

Mid Day Meals suffer:

Earlier the school Principal tried to fix the issue by installing a Water tank fixed with water pipeline. But the efforts seem to have failed as students and teachers are still facing the problem. There is no water as teachers and students bring water bottles from their houses. Mid day meal is also suffering in this school as the cook faces difficulty as there is no water.

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jaisalmer 19-12-15

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