Govt schemes for PWD fail to deliver: Ahsaas


schemes for PWD Jaipur: Despite government allocating enormous amount for the Schemes meant for Disable persons it seems nothing is been done on the ground. Whether its a Government Hospital, Govt office, Public Park, Schools, Universities none of these is accessible for PWDs. The sting operation conducted under Ahsaas campaign has revealed in depth the unfriendly traits of these places towards PWDs.

Govt Schemes fail to operate:

The most of the Government Offices covered under the sting operation have a same sad story to share! Either there is lack of interpreter, non functional lifts and worn-out condition of wheelchairs, if available. The government schemes for PWDs either remain unadvertised or not much efforts are made to publicize them from Govt end. According to the State Social Justice Minister, Arun Chaturvedi, ‘Its mandatory for every office to keep a wheelchair and white stick. The review meeting will take place in which the facilities in each govt office will be reviewed’.

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