Govt schemes and policies should be Disable friendly: Social Groups


pwd photo 4Jaipur:AHSAAS Campaign launched by Rajasthan Patrika – Media Action Group (MAG) is focusing on accessibility of public places for Persons with Disability (PWDs). After a series of sting operations published in the newspaper, the disabled people, interpreters, medical practitioners and social organizations have expressed need to critically analyze the flaws in the government schemes meant for disabled people and also ensure information accessibility. In a dialogue with MAG team the groups also highlighted the need to spread awareness about different categories of disability so that society can deal with each of the category more sensitively.

Rules for PWDs need Revision

According to Prateek Agarwal, an IT professional and Visually Impaired (VI), all concerned citizens must come together to ensure information accessibility. He said that any aid support makes us more dependent and inferior, rather we should learn to be self dependent. Visually Impaired Sharad Tripathi pointed out discrepancies in govt policies and schemes meant for disabled people. Manoj Bharadwaj, an Interpreterand SK Meena who runs a school for mentally disabled children narrated instances of ill treatment to the disabled children and youth which were baffling.

Positive stories about Disabled People will Inspire

The campaign would also feature the struggles and achievements of PWDs. Such stories will be an inspiration for thousands of those struggling each day for their identity, said Dr. Anil Jain Rehabilitation Centre, SDMH. He said issues like mobility of disable persons should also be highlighted especially the hurdles they face during travel etc.

Ahsaas LogoSuggestions by Ahsaas Network: Social groups

Easy loan process for PWDs.
Vocational training to enhance their skills.
Rajasthan Art Academy to support Disabled people and extend special support to them.
Stadiums and Sports Ground to be disabled friendly.
Govt schemes to be made easily understandable and in audio format for better access.
Transparency in Police and Sports for better opportunities for talent.

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