Be more aware and vocal on safety issues : Nirbheek Laado


Jaipur: Women safety is one of the most crucial issue. With the growing rate of crime against women, it is pertinent to create awareness in society, also, inform and motivate girls to speak up against evils like eve teasing, sexual harassment and abuse.

Rajasthan Patrika-MAG has started “Nirbheek Laado” in collaboration with Jaipur Police. MAG is organizing interactive sessions at schools where officials from Police dept and groups working on women issues interact, inform and motivate young girls about women safety. In our recent session, DCP Veenu Bansal of Delhi Police and ACP Tejaswini Gautam of Jaipur Police interacted with girls at Gandhi Nagar Girls Senior Secondary School. They encouraged girls to be more vocal on the issue and register complaints. Under this initiative, Complaint Boxes will be placed at schools. The officials also talked about good touch, bad touch and cyber crimes.

It is a good start as a large number of cases remain unreported due to fear of society and lack of trust in the judicial system and police dept. In many cases the attitude and doings of authorities raise questions. But exceptions are always there, infact there are official who are committed to work for the betterment and drives initiated by them are changing the picture for the better.


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