Future of Students in Dark as 200 Schools in Burhanpur run without electricity: NEENV


Bhopal: In Burhanpura district of Bhopal as many as 200 Govt schools run with no electricity connections. Students not only face the cruel summer but also managed to appear in recent annual exams without any electricity. In most of the schools due to non payment of fees in time electrical board has disconnects the power line however in some of the schools, Principal himself pays the fee.

For the next academic session which will begin from June 16 onward it is expected that department will take the issue seriously and provides electricity connection to the schools. Mainly Primary and Senior secondary schools are worst hit. A few days ago in a GIS mapping was conducted by education department where they surveyed 827 schools and made a report out of it.

The survey was done on different infrastructure criteria such as playground, classroom status and others. The results were very disappointing and revealed that more than two dozen schools have no boundary walls and 200 schools were running without an electricity connection. On the basis of this survey report which was compiled by a team of engineers District education officer has asked his team to find out the distance of a nearby electrical pole from the schools.


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