Funds on the verge of exhaustion as Govt fails to construct 38 new schools: Neenv


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Neenv: Even after the State Govt orders to build 38 new Govt Schools in Rajasthan, nothing has been done in this regard so far. Neither land has been allocated nor the funds for its construction. According to the budget 20-25 lakh rupees will be spent in the construction of each school which will be approximately 7-9 crores. But the irony is that the allocated budget is about to exhaust and nothing has been done till now.

Despite being the Capital of Rajasthan the condition of Govt schools running in Jaipur is no different than rest of the Rajasthan. According to the data complied during NEENV Campaign of Rajasthan Patrika 98 schools still lack a building and proper classrooms hence forcing the students to study in the open area. Near about 13 schools are also running in the rented buildings. From last one month every issue has been highlighted repeatedly in the newspaper but still a lot is to be done.

Another instance is from a school running in Baran’s Samrania, where students study under the tree. This school has only one classroom. In another school students from 1-10 classes study in just 3 class rooms. NEENV is continuously trying to highlight the problems faced by school children as it aims to improve the standard of Govt schools by public monitoring etc.

-Arun Sharma

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