Four people have to lift me so that I can vote


After setting up our stall at Matdata Mahotsav, I felt an instant urge of roaming here and there in that extravagant festival of democracy. I grabbed my camera and reached the adjoining stall. It was a joint stall of Election Commission of India and Directorate of Adult Education(DAE), India. I started talking with the representatives there and I noticed that one of them was sitting on a wheelchair. He was a senior officer in DAE. I started talking with him about specially abled people and the accessibility issue that they face everyday in life. When i asked him that was Connaught Place, where this fest was going on, was accessible to him, he  said, ”Yes the place is very much accessible for me and I didn’t have any difficulty coming to our stall.” When I asked him about the accessibility of his polling booth, he said, ” It is situated at the first floor of a building. There’s no lift available and four people have to lift me with my wheelchair and climb the congested stairs so that I could have a say in the making of my country’s Government.” He further gives example of a remote area in Chattishgarh where a person felt sad about the condition of physically challenged students and made ramps in all the schools by taking 2 handfuls of cement from each house.

A specially abled voter at a stall in Election Fest, Delhi.

Every citizen of our country have the equal right of casting vote and that’s what make India the greatest democracy. Specially abled people make a large population,  if they can’t reach democracy, should democracy not reach them?
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