A fight for existence; untold stories of Hindu Refugees


Rajasthan: It has been more than 60 years, since the partition of India- Pakistan. It was a traumatic and painful experience for people who had to leave everything behind to move to the other side of the border so that they can stay with their relatives and loved ones.

Many Hindu families living in Pakistan endure torturous behavior and partiality because of their religion, for them, life has become a punishment. They are forced to convert to Islam. Due to these circumstances, with hurt feelings, Hindu families started to migrate and to find refuge in India. Since the 90’s, Hindus are coming to India leaving their possessions behind for the sake of security for their families.

But these refugee families don’t have the Indian Nationality and because of that, every day is a struggle for survival. Far from the mainstream, they live as marginalized. They have to fight for Education, Employment and earn a livelihood under the constant vigil of Police and Intelligence Agencies.

Rajasthan Patrika Media Action Group has initiated a campaign named ‘Vajood’ to bring the plight and constant struggle of Hindu refugees into light. During the investigation, MAG team met many untold stories. Sagtaram, Harchand, Raju and many others left Pakistan to find refuge in Jaisalmer, India where their relatives are. Dreams of a comfortable life shattered as their nationality became a major issue. Today these families are compelled to live under hay-shacks in dirty, ragged clothes and struggling to earn bread for their children. Another case is of a Hindu family of 12, who is compelled to live on a footpath near the Jodhpur railway station. Narayan Koli and his family came to India on a religious visa, during the journey, the family fell sick, and savings were spent on treatment. Narayan Koli gave some silver jewelry for a mortgage to a person to get return visa, but he kept the jewelry and didn’t arrange the visa.

Hindu Singh Sodha, an Activist, working for the cause of Hindu Refugees in India is helping and looking after the family. He is the president of ‘ Seemant Lok Sangathan’ and also told us that his organization is working to provide essential aid to the household. He also said that Central and State govt should plan and implement a long-term policy for refugees.

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