Eve Teasing incidents on rise in Jaipur: MAG Survey


Jaipur: Looking at the rise in eve teasing incidents  in Jaipur most of the institutions have started giving demonstrations of defense mechanism in which girl students and women are taught safety measures. According to a survey conducted my Patrika Media Action Group around 91 percent of girls have undergone eve teasing while as those wh have not either their friends or known have gone through it.

Most of the eve teasing cases reported majorly  stalking, levid remarks, staring etc. As Recently the criminal law (amendment) ordinance, 2013 was passed in which section 509 of the Penal Code, states eve teasing as an criminal offense and can put the guilty to three years of jail. In the survey conducted on young college girls around 98 percent of those who have undergone this harassment felt to scold the guy on the spot.


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