End of decades of waiting for many Pak-Hindu Refugees : Vajood Campaign Impact


“Vajood campaign” of Patrika-MAG started to address the plight of Pak- Hindu Refugees. Since the beginning we raised questions, demanding action to change the scenario. The situation of these refugees are critical, they left everything and came to India with the hopes of better life prospects but today they are bound to live in despair. They are living as refugees on the lands of their forefathers. Constantly struggling for survival and worried for their younger generations’ future. Amidst the chaos and hopelessness, a ray of hope emerged rewarding the struggle of refugees and our constant coverage and news stories. A special camp was organised at Jaisalmer Collectorate yesterday ( 22nd July) to start the process to provide citizenship to the refugee families residing in and around Jaisalmer district.

During the camp, our team met stories of struggle and wait. Kishanlal Bheel has been waiting from last 17 years to get the Indian citizenship. He works as a laborer to earn a livelihood for his family. Without the citizenship and identity, his family is deprived of all the fundamental rights and basic facilities. Pakistani women who got married in India also came to apply for citizenship. Many of them are waiting since a decade for the citizenship.

The District Collector Matadeen Sharma quoted that district administration will take immediate action. The camp has been organised to resolve the issue of citizenship and due to the promotion of camp many applicants reached here. After the verification of documents and paperwork, the applications will be send further. He assured that the dept will take immediate and proper action.

Quick Facts:

  1. The issue of granting citizenship to refugees is under discussion since 1975
  1. After the 1971 Indo-Pak war, the cases of torture and atrocities on Pak Hindus increased

  2. In 2005, India granted citizenship to 13000 Pak-Hindu refugees

10 years ago, 1280 refugees in Jaisalmer were granted Indian citizenship

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